How to import and compile source code

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How to import and compile source code

Post by qwweeeit » 21 Feb 2012 10:16

I would like to import and compile the source code but I’m not able to do it.
In the openlca web site there are two procedures (one in the main web page and another one in the documentation page ... nd_openLCA) to import and compile the sources files but no-one are right for me.

Here below, I explain the procedure I followed:
  • 3) I checked “BIRT Framework” under “Business Intelligence, Reporting and Charting” and then I clicked Next accepting the license.
  • 5) I created a new project called “openlca”
  • 6) I imported the sources clicking on File > Import > General > Archive File and selecting the path of compressed source file from the button “Browse…”
  • 7) I put the flag on “Overwrite existing resources without warning”…
  • 8) … but when I run the opelca.product, I’ll get an HTTP error (in the RAP Application tab)
Problem accessing /rap. Reason:
ProxyServlet: /rap
Powered by Jetty://
Moreover, under the Outline tab, some dependences seem not to be resolved.
Is it possible to have a guide step by step to import the sources with the Indigo Eclipse version? Otherwise could you help me in understanding where I do mistakes and how I can solve them.

Thank you very much for any help and for the great work of the openlca staff!

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