Question when creating product systems

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Question when creating product systems

Post by Daniel » 24 Feb 2018 12:52

Hello there,

i am using the ProBas database for modelling a die-cast part.
In the database there are many different processes for the production of aluminium.
I used Aluminium-DE-2020_UP and wanted to compare the process with other aluminium processes.
When i create a product system with the Aluminium-DE-2020_UP as the last process and choose add connected processes and connect to the system process, if possible i get a negative GWP (-25kg CO2eq.). When i only select add connected processes i get a very high GWP (5587kg CO2eq.). And when i select nothing of both i get a GWP of 3kg CO2eq.

Do you know what i mean? Why are the results so different?
Can somebody tell me whats the difference between the different selection options and how they relate to the calculation?

Many thanks in advance.
Kind regards.


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