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Re: EN15804:2012 Energy Empty

Post by dinaharvard » 12 Jun 2017 22:57

Do you have anything in any of your guides on how to do this? Your advice does not seem to be very helpful. I figured out exactly what you said on my own but what a software company typically provides in a manual or a user forum where people provide resources on how to do this. I'm looking for the "how" . Please let me know what resources are available.

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Re: EN15804:2012 Energy Empty

Post by aciroth » 13 Jun 2017 10:15

Thank you Dina for your advice.
If I may, the question here is not related to software I think but rather to preparing a database which follows certain requirements, and there I cannot say more than what I already explained. And the request to provide an easy to understand manual which allows you to create a database that has been developed by someone with quite some effort, and is offered for a price, is maybe a bit demanding. I hope you understand.
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