Feeback final test

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Feeback final test

Post by sla » 23 Aug 2010 23:11

Usability: very good. I think an LCA beginner can easily use the tool.

Features: none redundant. Is there a graph option for the Monte Carlo simulation outcomes (I could not get the MC icon in the main menu to run it). I definitely find the Uncertainty feature very useful.

Help: very good, I used it in conjunction with running the tool and it worked well. There are still references to version 1.1 that need to be updated, for example Export not working, which is not the case, it works very well. I could not find any Wizard icon as described in Creating Elements. Under Getting Started and the User Guide you might want to make it very clear that, besides the OpenLCA free software, Processes databases and LCIA methods are required from other sources.

Thanks to the whole team for great work!

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