Impact Aggregation

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Impact Aggregation

Post by rioarya » 16 Jun 2016 15:21


I am working with large product systems in openLCA 1.4.2 and want to generate the impact assessment results as (stacked bar) graphs in excel. However, there are too many different impacts from chemicals, electricity, etc. on the exported excel file from openLCA, which makes me not sure in which processes they are belong or attributed to on the product system. I also noticed that it is not possible to download the data from process contribution and contribution tree tabs separately as excel files. Does anyone have some tips to work with a large exported excel file from openLCA, especially about how to aggregate the impacts from further upstream processes (chemicals, electricity production etc.) into the processes they are belong/attributed to on the product system?

Thank you.

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Re: Impact Aggregation

Post by aciroth » 16 Jun 2016 22:00

Hello Rio,
welcome - to your first question, it of course depends which kind of groups you are interested in. You can e.g. build groups of processes in the grouping tab. To your second question, it is possible to export the contribution tree results, just highlight them (ctrl+A in Windows e.g.) and then right-click and select export. You can then paste this in e.g. Excel. You will only copy the visible parts of the tree, thus if you want to export everything click on 'expand all' first.
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