Technosphere Flow Categorization

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Technosphere Flow Categorization

Post by jonathandubinsky » 24 Aug 2015 19:22


I have a database with all of the processes categorized according to NAICS.

I would like to now categorize my technosphere flows the same way. Right now all of my technosphere flows are un-categorized.

In olca is there a way to automate the categorization of technosphere flows to match the processes? In theory each technosphere flow should have a name that matches exactly with a process name (the reference flow). Therefore we should be able to use that information to categorize the technosphere flow to match.

Is that something that we can do?


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Re: Technosphere Flow Categorization

Post by aciroth » 25 Aug 2015 14:20

Hi Jonathan,
see please my email - that is of course possible, via SQL queries in openLCA, but requires some care.

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