Normalisation and weighting

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Normalisation and weighting

Post by Elorri » 21 Jan 2014 15:39


I created a new LCIA method where I added a normalisation/weighting set to aggregate the results into one single score.
However, when I click on "Calculate results" and I chose my LCIA method with the normalisation/weighting set, the "Analysis results" are not showed for the aggregated score (e.g. which are the contributions of flows or processes in my product system for the total score), but only for the impact category results.
If I tried with the "Quick results", I can only have a diagram with the aggregated results but no numbers or no possible contribution/gravity analysis...
I looked at the LCIA methods already implemented in the software (for ecoinvent and for GaBi DB), and apparently it is never specified a normalisation/weighting set. The aggregated results are shown as another impact category. However, this solution takes more time if we want to create a new LCIA method (copy/paste again all the flows of the impact categories and calculate beforehand the factors for each of these flows).
Moreover, I would like to export some results to Excel files but it does not seem possible: for example the flow contributions per impact category.

Thank you in advance.
PS: I am using OpenLCA 1.3.4.

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Re: Normalisation and weighting

Post by aciroth » 21 Jan 2014 15:47

Hi Elorri,
indeed it is true, currently normalisation results are not displayed in the analysis results, only direct LCIA category results. Commissioned by US EPA, we are currently adding normalised LCIA results also to the analysis (and to export as well). Until this feature is released, you will need to create a normalised category with the normalised characterisation factors, similar to the ecoinvent impact methods package.
Best wishes,

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