LCIA results from ELCD III

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LCIA results from ELCD III

Post by roeder » 04 Nov 2013 11:57

as a openLCA a beginner (I usually use GaBi5) I have a question.

I have a problem with the LCIA results of the ELCD3 database.
For example:
The LCIA results from the process "Electricity mix, consumption mix, at consumer, AC, 230V (DE)" for 3.6 MJ are GWP 100a = 0.00834 kg CO2-Eq.

The process itself has an output flow from 0.672 kg Carbon Dioxide. The LCIA results should be much higher.
I can not find my mistake. Here are my steps:

1. install OpenLCA 1.3.2 on a Windows 7 Prof. 32Bit-system
2. Create new Database
3. Import “” from
4. install openLCA nexus plugin
5. import “ELCD.nexuspack”
6. Create a new Product system with the Reference process „Electricity Mix, consumption mix, at consumer, AC, 230V (DE)“
7. and calculate with the LCIA method CML 2001

Did I forget something?

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Re: LCIA results from ELCD III

Post by aciroth » 06 Nov 2013 01:29

No, you did not forget anything. The LCIA methods in the method pack are provided by ecoinvent and do not fit to the ELCD flows. We will release an integrated LCIA package shortly where these flows are recognised.
Best wishes,

- you can also check yourself, this main CO2 flow is not part of the GWP category since GaBi and ELCD have different subcompartments than ecoinvent.

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