Organizing databases

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Organizing databases

Post by nievesespinosa » 22 Mar 2013 10:02

Hi, i am new with OpenLCA, and I was wondering how to structure the information. I have created a database, and imported inside ecoinvent.

I am not sure if I can import as well in the same one the ELCD, if I would like to use some products/processes for my case studies.

Does anybody know whether the fact of having more than one external database presents a contraindication? -apart of slowing down the program, I mean.

My question also applies for the new ecoinvent 3. How should I update my database when this will be released? Creating a new one?

And finally can I export inside OpenLCA one project in a database to another database?


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Re: Organizing databases

Post by aciroth » 22 Mar 2013 11:29

Hello Nieves,

this is a very timely post - we have finished a first unified database, and will release this soon (I expect next week).

Currently, you can of course import different databases, which will not really slow down openLCA, but the elementary flows and products are not mapped and therefore you do not have a really joint database.

I will keep you updated. If there is anybody interested in testing the new database, please let us know, thank you.


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