loops in electricity losses, ecoinvent 3.2 (cut-off)

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loops in electricity losses, ecoinvent 3.2 (cut-off)

Post by edsacayon » 28 Apr 2016 21:08

I am trying to understand how are electricity lossess modelled in ecoinvent 3.2. cut-off system model. For this I am using the Mexican electricity datasets. My confusion arises from the fact that in the version 3.2 of ecoinvent datasets, electrical lossess are modelled as additional inputs of the same reference flow. (the same applies for lossess in other market activities).

For example the "market for electricity, high voltage | electricity, high voltage | cut-off, U" produces 1 kWh of the reference flow:

"electricity, high voltage | market for electricity, high voltage"

however this reference flow is also used as an input on the same dataset with a value of 0.062

when I make the connections there is a loop in the system. As you go down the voltage transformation steps, electrical lossess are also modelled in the same way, creating additional loops.

Is this the right way to model lossess in openLCA or do I have to make adjustments to the datasets. Prior on version 2, lossess were modelled by increasing the input value, that is for 3% lossess one had to make the input referenceflow as 1.03 kWh per 1 kWh of the output reference flow, which was more simpler and avoided this loops.

any comments will be appreciated.

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