ecoinvent v3 - multiple instances of same flows

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Re: ecoinvent v3 - multiple instances of same flows

Post by pascal.lesage » 24 May 2017 19:55

Dear Andreas,

We have tested this, here is some feedback.

1) Distinction between product flow and multiple unit processes providing that product, allowing choosing one of multiple suppliers.
This works very well, thanks!
One question: when no supplier is specified, how does openLCA choose what supplier to connect to?

2) "Connect with system processes if possible" with ecoinvent v3.3
Works very well!

One possible improvement would be as follows: right now, the default suppliers in the ecoinvent database are all unit processes - this of course makes sense, and is the expected behavious. It would be nice to override this and connect to the system process versions of the same processes when building the network from the plan and choosing "Build supply chain--Prefer system processes".

Thanks for this improved implementation of ecoinvent! It makes openLCA a much better software, at least for us.


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