Transport flow: how to set amount?

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Transport flow: how to set amount?

Post by tspiderus » 16 Jul 2012 12:58


I am a new user of openLCA and Ecoinvent Database, and currently trying to understand how an LCA scenario is to be set in openLCA with Ecoinvent datasets.

Scenario: transport of 10.000 tones of goods over a distance of 90km; functional unit 1kg of transported goods.
Scope: calculate the impacts of transport for the transportation of 1 kg of goods.
Processes used (from Ecoinvent DB): transport, lorry 16-32t, EURO3 [tkm]

In openLCA I have created the following:
2 flows: a. goods (unit: mass); b. transported goods (unit: mass);
1 process: transportation of goods (input: a. transport, lorry 16-32t, EURO3 [tkm], b. goods-1kg; output: transported goods-1kg);
1 product system: transportation of goods.

Question: how to set corectly, within the process "transportation of goods" (picture: "process-inputs-outputs.jpg"), the resulting amount for input "transport, lorry 16-32t, EURO3"?

Your answer is very much apreciated! Thanks
flow 1-flow properties.jpg
flow 1-flow properties.jpg (66.45 KiB) Viewed 4112 times
flow 2-flow properties.jpg
flow 2-flow properties.jpg (69.23 KiB) Viewed 4112 times
process-inputs-outputs.jpg (137.83 KiB) Viewed 4112 times

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