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Landfill modelling

Posted: 14 Dec 2016 10:54
by e2e4
Hi, so I'm pretty new to OpenLCA. What I'm trying to model is processes in and around landfill. Let's say, Do nothing scenario - amount of greenhouse gases emitted during a century and compare it with different scenarios, like excavating landfill and burning waste. Still without great success here, though it seems not so complicated. Any help appreciated.

Re: Landfill modelling

Posted: 08 Feb 2017 16:01
by mohifalahi
After you imported the database (like ecoinvent_consequential) and the LCIA method, you can select some predefined processes (like landfill of municipal solid waste, collection and transportation) and after that you should "create product system". then a product system will be created based on the processes you selected. Go to the new constructed product system (General information tab) and hit the "Calculate" button. in the opened window first you should select your desired impact assessment method and then click "Finish". After a while you can see the results.