Using parameters in flow properties

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Using parameters in flow properties

Post by NiclasE » 29 Sep 2016 11:39


I am using openLCA v1.5.0 and try to use multiple flow properties for custom created flows to make it possible to use different flow properties, such as dry substance, moisture content, mass and energy values of individual flows. Naturally these properties are not permanently fixed relative to each other. I was hoping I could use global parameters to set each of these properties for individual product flows, but it seems like it is not possible. If I add a parameter to the conversion factor it just reverts back to whatever value was written there before when hitting enter.

Is it possible to use parameters with flow properties to add flexibility to the use of these? If not, can it be implemented in the future.

I tried this since the exchange properties in ecoinvent are not included in openLCA. The flow properties don't seem to lend themselves to mass balance calculations, but at least they add some flexibility to the value input step of different flows and converting these to other properties.

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Re: Using parameters in flow properties

Post by aciroth » 30 Sep 2016 00:27

Hi Niclas,
indeed, it is currently not possible to parameterise flow properties - and this could of course be added, maybe in connection with implementing exchange properties for example., and also production volume.
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