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Negative values for landfill

Posted: 02 Sep 2016 17:06
by Get

I obtain negative values with ReCiPe for a flux like "inert waste, for final disposal - RoW".

Please, could you explain me how it's possible and how to justify this result ?

Thank you,


Re: Negative values for landfill

Posted: 02 Sep 2016 18:34
by aciroth
Hello Fab,
I think this was topic of already another thread, please see here: ... ive#p29823

Re: Negative values for landfill

Posted: 05 Sep 2016 15:18
by Get
Thank you
Merci beaucoup

Re: What do the negative values of flows mean?

Posted: 09 Oct 2016 00:28
by Christo P
Hi openLCA users,
I try to create a waste process and for that purpose I decided to use a process included in the database (elcd_3_1_greendelta_v2). The process is “Landfill of municipal solid waste, ES, GR, PT technology mix, at landfill site,…”. It resides in Processes\ End-of-life treatment\Landfilling category where the user can find other similar processes.
Looking at the process list of flows I noticed that several flows have negative values, here are they:
Oxygen, in air (Amount -3.50653166482689E-5)
Water (Amount -1.43841388015513E-4)
Water in ground (Amount -0.758361048731769)
Water in river (Amount -0.371822014530784)

Municipal solid waste disposition (Amount -0.999999999909261). This is the output product flow that is the quantitative reference of the process.

The Landfilling category contains other processes and in all of them, the above input flows (if exist) have negative values. The output product flows of the same processes have also negative values.

So I have three questions:
1. When a flow has negative value?
2. What do the negative values of flows mean?
3. Why the value (amount) of the quantitative reference flow is also negative and not equal to 1.0?

I will be very thankful for any reply.
Chris P