Question about System Expansion

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Frida Hermansson
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Question about System Expansion

Post by Frida Hermansson » 27 Feb 2013 15:26


I need to do a system expansion for my process in order to give my material credit for the heat gained when incinerated. In the wiki ( ... _processes) it says that there should be an avoided product box in the input list, however, I only have the avoided product box in my output list. How should I then do? Can I have it as an avoided product in the output list and the result will be the same?


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Re: Question about System Expansion

Post by aciroth » 27 Feb 2013 15:43

Hi Frida,
sorry, we recently (version > 1.2.8) changed the location of avoided products, we moved it from input to output since we thought it is more natural and intuitive to have products on the output side, and we obviously forgot to update the wiki there -> yes you should have the avoided product on the output side (and will receive the same results as before when it was on the input side).
We will also update the wiki.
Thanks for your question!

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