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Post by Franziska » 23 Feb 2018 12:32


I m trying to import the oekobau.dat database to openLCA.

I downloaded the .zolca file from the official oekobaudat homepage.
I imported it by right clicking in the navigation area of the programm.

I found a manual how to import the database and how to apply it: https://www.openlca.org/wp-content/uplo ... il2015.pdf

But it doesn't work. The flows were imported and I could even create a process. But I couldn't choose any provider. In the product system no model graph is built. The quick results methods shows no impact categories and the LCIA method "oekobaudat" is not imported.

In a second step I tried to import the oekobau.dat as an independant database, by using "create new database". It worked and the LCIA method is also impored.

BUT: I can' t create a process. There are always "unexpeced errors" and the database is always asking for an update. Trying to run the update there are again "unexpected errors".

I have now 3 questions:

1) How do you import the database oekobaudat?
2) How do you use it afterwards, compared to GaBi? (selecting a provider...)?
3) How cant I mix the information comming from GaBi and the one comming from oekobau.dat? means: can I calculate a mixed system in case one database does not include all the needed input?

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Re: Okeobau.dat

Post by aciroth » 25 Feb 2018 14:30

Hi Franziska,
I just tried myself, the easiest way should be to simply import the oekobaudat as database via the ILCD network import,
then select oekobaudat,
then select all (ctrl-a), and then import
But indeed there are many errors thrown.
If you check the log file, you will see many errors similar to "no reference flow property provided"
These are inconsistenies and plain format issues in the official oekobaudat database. We have an older version of the oekobaudat on Nexus, where these issues have been fixed, but I will also contact the data provider for the oekobaudat.
Thank you!
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