Import Ecoinvent 3.3 (ecospold2) database

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Kong Bhanu
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Import Ecoinvent 3.3 (ecospold2) database

Post by Kong Bhanu » 13 Sep 2017 10:52

I have downloaded Ecoinvent 3.3 database directly from Ecoinvent website and the files appear in ecospold2.7z (containing a bulk of datasets). I tried to import the database into openLCA 1.6 but the programme cannot find any source files in my computer's directory even though I choose "ecospold2" in file category (I'm sure that I chose the right directory). Does anyone have any ideas for this problem, please?

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Re: Import Ecoinvent 3.3 (ecospold2) database

Post by aciroth » 13 Sep 2017 11:27

Hello Kong,
welcome! Quick and short answer: you need to use the database from openLCA nexus for openLCA, the one from ecoinvent does not work with openLCA.
Thank you,

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