Default cut-off option

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Default cut-off option

Post by NiclasE » 31 Jul 2017 14:02

After accidentally hitting the new product system "ok" button without setting the cut-off criteria a few times I wonder if it is not possible to add a setting option for a "default value" that can be set by the user?
A default of 0 is the worst possible choice if you have a big IO-DB.
Killing the openLCA-process (which I have had to do a couple of times due to time issues) often corrupts the database.

Please consider adding a default setting option that the user can set globally.


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Re: Default cut-off option

Post by aciroth » 02 Aug 2017 09:44

Thank you Niclas - could be indeed interesting to add; we took 0 as default value because it is the best to complete the entire system, and for the product based databases also typically fully ok.
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