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Exluding long term emission in LCIA

Posted: 09 Dec 2016 01:14
by crown87
Hello OpenLCA people!!

I would like to know how to exclude long term emission from the LCIA results.

I am learning how to use OpenLCA by redoing a previous LCA i did with SimaPro. When I get the LCIA results in OpenLCA (I am using TRACI 2.1) they looks similar to the results I have in SImaPro with long term emission included. I am using the same version of EcoInvent.
In SimaPro there is a tick-box where you can select and deselect long term emission from the LCIA results; I was wondering if a similar option is available in OpenLCA.

Any idea?


Re: Exluding long term emission in LCIA

Posted: 12 Dec 2016 15:30
by aciroth
Hi, thank you for your question, this is possible via a parameter which we can provide with the next method pack release; meanwhile you can create the parameter yourself, with the following Python script (copy and paste into the Python developer window in openLCA, and use for a database which contains a TRACI2.1 LCIA method):

Code: Select all

#SQL query to insert a new parameter
olca.updateSql("INSERT INTO tbl_parameters (ID,NAME,DESCRIPTION,IS_INPUT_PARAM,F_OWNER,SCOPE,VALUE)(SELECT seq_count+1,'p_longterm','If 0, long-term emissions are not characterized; if 1, long-term emissions are characterized',1,,'IMPACT_METHOD',0 FROM sequence, tbl_impact_methods WHERE'TRACI 2.1' AND seq_name='entity_seq')")
olca.updateSql("UPDATE sequence SET seq_count = seq_count+2 WHERE seq_name='entity_seq'")

#function to modify formulas and values in flows with categories with 'long-term' in the name
def update_impact_factors(method_name):
    method = olca.getMethod(method_name)
    for cat in method.impactCategories:
        for factor in cat.impactFactors:
            if 'long-term' in
                factor.formula = str(factor.value) + '*p_longterm'
                factor.value = 0

update_impact_factors('TRACI 2.1')
You will need to close and reopen the database to see the parameter entered for the TRACI LCIA method. Now, when calculating, enter p_longterm as parameter for the product system or project, and then set p_longterm to 0 or 1 to set long-term emissions off or on, respectively. With a little adaptation, this would work also for other LCIA methods obviously.

Hope this helps,

Re: Exluding long term emission in LCIA

Posted: 15 Dec 2016 17:43
by crown87
Hi Andreas,
Definitely helpful, I am going to use it.