Beer bottle database for 1.4.1 not working

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Beer bottle database for 1.4.1 not working

Post by abirlal » 11 Jan 2016 05:23


I have been trying the tutorial for Beer bottle for the version 1.4.1.

The case study database PETvsALu was downloaded as .zolca database and the same was imported into OpenLCA 1.4.1. Then I tried to follow tutorial instructions for Beer bottle.

The first step was to right click on Flow and select 'Casestudy beer_bootle'. However, I am facing problem when right clicking on Flow because after right click it did not show 'Casestudy beer_bootle'.

Please help me to execute this step successfully.

Thanking you

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Re: Beer bottle database for 1.4.1 not working

Post by crodriguez » 11 Jan 2016 16:25

Hello Abir,

That step refers to the creation of a new flow within the already existing category [folder] “Case study – beer bottle”. For that, right click on the category [folder] named “Case study – beer bottle” within the category "Flows".

This is of course only to have better organized the database, you could add the new flow in another folder or directly within the root folder "Flows" if wanted. You can also move the flow to different flow categories (folders) after its creation by dragging and dropping it in the navigation pane.



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