No providers for certain flows

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No providers for certain flows

Post by StijnVE » 03 Aug 2015 21:56

Hi, I'm using openLCA for 2 weeks now and I stumbled upon a problem. I imported the agribalyse database and followed the steps (tutorial) in order to make a product system. I made a new flow and a new process. When I want to enter the different flows in the process, I can choose between the different flows (see picture) that are included in the database. However only the flows listed under "AGRIBALYSE" will give me a model graph with al the providers. When I use a flow under "chemicals" for example, the model graph won't show any providers only inputs and outputs thus no results. I have to use flows like tap water.. which are included in the database, but not under the flow category "AGRIBALYSE" so i don't get any results for lets say the water consumtion. Can anyone help me with this problem please ? Thank you very much !
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Re: No providers for certain flows

Post by aciroth » 04 Aug 2015 09:45

Hi, the folder does not matter for the flows that are displayed, but the flow type. There are two things to observe here:
1) Only product and waste flows are shown in the model graph, not the elementary flows. The flow type is determined once you create the flow.
2) the Agribalyse database creators used ecoinvent as background database (for the released version, ecoinvent 2.2), and these processes are not included in the Agribalyse database; you can import them, if you have access to the ecoinvent licence, and then the linkage should work. You see in the screenshot that "building hall CH" is only used in one Agribalyse process, but not procuded since it is an ecoinvent flow and process.
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