mySQL query browser

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mySQL query browser

Post by ELCD_user » 28 Apr 2015 10:08

I have generated a new database in openLCA 1.4.1 with the reference data inserted. I then opened the mySQL query browser and did a SELECT * FROM openlca_version; I would expect the query returns '1.4.1' but instead I get '3'. Any ideas why that is?
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Re: mySQL query browser

Post by msrocka » 18 Jun 2015 22:16

Yes, this is confusing. It is the version of the database schema that is stored in this field and not the openLCA version. This field is a plain integer and is used to trigger automatic updates. Everytime we change the database schema we increment this version number.

(Note that we use Derby for embedded databases and MySQL for remote databases and the SQL query browser works for both; thus, it is not a MySQL query browser :)

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