new Processes not recognized

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new Processes not recognized

Post by Melblu » 10 Mar 2015 15:44

I am currently trying to use the US LCI database. I would like to add a new process I generated to a product system model graph. The process has the same input as the previous one has as output. But if I search for recipients it is not given as an option and I also can not drag and drop processes into my model. I made sure the processes have the same location. I just checked and have the same problem using Ecoinvent. Drag and drop does not work even with processes that are given as recipient/ provider. What am I missing?

Also, how far back are inputs and outputs from processes included in the LCI and LCIA calculations. Everything that is visible in the model graph only or does the software gather data as far back as possible when doing a calculation?

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Re: new Processes not recognized

Post by aciroth » 11 Mar 2015 13:14

Hi, several possible reasons (and solutions):
- you maybe have not updated the product system (newly available since version 1.4.1. if you activate it in the preferences, otherwise simply close and reopen the system)
- you can also go to the process, input/output sheet, and enter the provider there.
2015-03-11 12_12_40-openLCA 1.4.1.png
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The calculation covers all processes linked in a product system, not only those that are visible!

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