University of Bath ICE Database

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University of Bath ICE Database

Post by tkm » 30 Jun 2014 12:12

New user to openLCA. Just inquiring what steps, if there are any in importing an excel
database into openLCA, specifically that from the University of Bath, Inventory of Carbon
and Energy? I have imported the three free databases directly from the openLCA website
and would like to add this one too, if possible.

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Re: University of Bath ICE Database

Post by aciroth » 02 Jul 2014 19:41

Hi Tom,
maybe it is best if you contact us directly - usually it is a bit of effort to integrate a complete database consistently. You could also try to import the single data sets in the database using the Excel import but this is really then manual work. We are about to release two new free databases in the next week btw (food and agriculture, from France and from the US).
Best wishes,

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