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Ecoinvent Import Stalls

Posted: 27 Jul 2010 16:56
by dmagrogan
Hi Andreas and other OpenLCA staff,

Sorry for the hiatus, I was diverted to another project. The previous fix for database updating you posted worked well, but I have another issue for you. =)

I am trying to import part of the Ecoinvent Database (v2.2). I have successfully converted my Ecospold02 files to Ecospold01 files with your convertor tool. In the import wizard, after assigning units and clicking ‘Finish’, the progress indicator goes about 5% through the list of process xmls, and then stops and reverts to the ‘assign units’ screen of the import wizard. As a result, only a few processes and flows are imported. Clicking ‘Finish’ again is not effective, nor is exiting and starting again. The only way I’ve been able import processes is in batches of 10 or less.

Any ideas to speed up this process?

Re: Ecoinvent Import Stalls

Posted: 29 Jul 2010 23:51
by aciroth
Hi, you do not need to convert the ecoinvent 2.2 files to EcoSpold02 (they are in Ecospold01 format!). If you do the import without the previous conversion, it should work.