Regionalized LCIA in 1.5.0 beta

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Regionalized LCIA in 1.5.0 beta

Post by Matthias » 09 Aug 2016 10:42

Hello everyone,

I am really impressed with the implementation of the regionalized impact assessment through KML. This seems to be a new feature in LCA in general. (At least I never saw this anywhere else before.)

However, I do have some questions:
  • Is it possible to check the characterisation factors that are calculated for a location after using "Evaluate for existing locations"? I just want to make sure everything works correctly but I couldn't find these values anywhere.
  • Is it possible to use regionalized LCIA in projects? I find that when chosing the respective regionalized LCIA method for evaluating a project only the default characterisation factors are used.
Thanks a lot!


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Re: Regionalized LCIA in 1.5.0 beta

Post by crodriguez » 09 Aug 2016 20:01

Hello Matthias,

Regarding your first question, the function "Evaluate per existing locations" calculates the intersections of the locations in the database with the shapes in the shapefile, not the final characterisation factor for each elementary flow and impact category in the LCIA method. The calculation of the impact factors for all the locations and flows included in the product system is done during the calculation of the results. The impact factor used per elementary flow and process in the system is displayed in the "Impact analysis" tab of the results editor. Thus, for testing one option might be to create processes with the different elementary flows and locations that you want to check, and look for the value in the "Impact analysis" tab after the calculation.

Regarding your second question, the regionalized LCIA calculation is not yet implemented in the project level.



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