Display bugs on openLCA 1.5.0 Beta

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Display bugs on openLCA 1.5.0 Beta

Post by edsacayon » 20 Apr 2016 01:02

Hello Andreas

thanks for all your replies to my queries. I´ve notice some display bugs on your 1.5.0 beta version. I am running on a Mac OS X El Capitan, and I have been noticing the model graph from the product system does not update a process once you change it. Instead I need to close the product system and reopen to see the changes made.

Also, in some cases when I add a process by searching for a recipient, conecting options are missing and although it adds the process in the model graph it seems to disappear. This means it is invisible, but within the product system.

To avoid this problem I drag and drop the process from the database manager and then did a search for the provider. This way it makes the connection and also shows the process in the model graph.

I dont know if it is a general problem or perhaps might be my Mac going crazy.

Best regardss!


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Re: Display bugs on openLCA 1.5.0 Beta

Post by aciroth » 20 Apr 2016 14:44

Thank you Edgar for this feedback, we will look into the connection issues you are reporting. For the updating, this is a not a bug; you can use the "update" button to update the graph for the product system; you need to specify under preferences that you want to see the update icons.
Best wishes,

- could you send me the log file when you are running into the connection issues (direct email) - thank you!

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