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Corrected Impact2002+ - details on corrections please?

Posted: 08 Mar 2015 20:54
by pascal.lesage

The Impact2002+ method, imported from ecoinvent, has been modified. The comment is "Characterisation factors of flows Antimony-122, Antimony-124, Antimony-125, Barium-140, Cobalt-57, Cobalt-60, Lead-210 and Zinc-65 were corrected in some impact categories. Both original ecoinvent 3.1. implementation and corrected impact categories are included in the method.".

Would it be possible to be more specific on what the changes and motivations were please?


Re: Corrected Impact2002+ - details on corrections please?

Posted: 09 Mar 2015 03:45
by pascal.lesage
Hi all,

Never mind, I looked into it and it is seems obvious. For example, "Antimony 121" was mistaken for "Antimony". This boosted the indicator results, especially considering that antimony 121 is reported in Bq (and not kg).

Thanks for the fix GreenDelta, I'm now going to write ecoinvent and the Impact 2002+ team about the issue (there are people using those results our there...)