LCI results (OpenLCA method)

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LCI results (OpenLCA method)

Post by qwweeeit » 21 May 2012 11:05

I would like to understand how the LCI results are calculated in openLCA.

I know one of the more used way to do that is throughout the use of matrices and vectors and the formula generally used are:

A x s = f
B x s = g

A = technology matrix
s = scaling vector
f = final demand vector
B = intervention matrix
g = inventory vector

from the first equation, once the A^-1 (inverse matrix) is calculated, it is possible to figure out the scaling vector:

s = A^-1 x f

Therefore, substituting the scaling factor in the second equation, the inventory vector, that is the LCI result, is solved:

g = B x s = B x A^-1 x f

I think OpenLCA software uses the same method to solve the LCI results because in the source code (...unluckily I couldn't import correctly the sources and I haven't received any answers on this topic) there are some references to such matrices and vectors.

Looking at the software, I do not understand the relationship between OpenLCA elements (process, flow, flow property, …) and the terms of the formula for the LCI results evaluation.

I would really appreciate for any help or comment on topic.
Thank you in advance

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