Import of EI3.2 parameterized dataset with UnitConversion

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dominique maxime
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Import of EI3.2 parameterized dataset with UnitConversion

Post by dominique maxime » 10 Mar 2016 18:29

Dear all,
I have imported an ecoinvent parameterized dataset (UPR, v3.2, downloaded as ecospold 2) into my openLCA database. The import works well. However, when opening the process, a formula evaluation error message appears (see attached screenshot).

From the log file, I can inderstand it is related to the ecoinvent/ecoeditor function "UnitConversion" which seems not recognized or correctly understood by openLCA:
Evaluation of expression
MANURE_density/UnitConversion(1, 'l', 'm3')*(SL_Vol_Pig/AN_LW_FPig+ piglet_per_finished_pig*(SL_Vol_Piglet/AN_LW_Piglet+SL_Vol_Sow* sow_per_kg_piglet_produced))
failed: Lexical error at line 1, column 32. Encountered: "," (44), after : ""
Has anyone experimented the same issue ? Is it really related to the UnitConversion function ?
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Re: Import of EI3.2 parameterized dataset with UnitConversio

Post by aciroth » 10 Mar 2016 20:05

Hi Dominique,
you should rather import the zolca files, not the EcoSpold2 files from ecoinvent, because these fit to openLCA. The EcoSpold2 files from ecoinvent, interestingly, are not fully reflecting the EcoSpold2 format specification; they are still EcoSpold2 conform, since the files are children processes, and children processes do not need to meet the format specification. This makes it of course hard for any software to provide a good import, if the software is not written by those who modify the format. The formulas and parameters in these files are referring to a dataset version that is not published, and some data sets (multi-functional processes especially) have been modified before publication. Therefore the formulas contain undefined parameters asf. We have been in contact with the ecoinvent centre about this since version 3.0 btw..
Best wishes,

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