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Import Single Process

Posted: 15 Dec 2013 11:51
by KurtLeon
I have 2 questions, concerning the import procedure in openLCA:
1. Sometimes I need only 1 process from from a database (e.g. bioenergiedat) for my data model. I don't want to import the complete database. In case of bioenergiedat I have the possibility to Import a single process via ILCD network import. But I think, it imports only the specific process including it's input and output flows and because of this, all the pre-processes are missing and an analysis won't be possible. Is there a way of importing a single process including all the pre-processes?

2. Do I have to consider the same probelem, when exporting a single process from one of my own project-database (with ILCD or Ecospold) and importing it into another one? Are the pre-processes also missing?

Thank you very much for you reply.