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LCIA import to match to existing flows

Posted: 21 Jun 2011 23:52
by Wingwe
Hello OpenLCA Team,

We have existing flows in an OpenLCA database that were imported together with GaBi processes. We are trying to import LCIA methods that map to those flows. Because you cannot export LCIA methods from GaBi, we have been created the methods in Excel in the EcoSpoldAccess template and used that to create Ecospold files. The problem is that when we import the method, we are not able to match the flow named in the method to the existing flow - instead it creates a new flow. We were careful to assign a category and subcategory that corresponds to the folder the existing flows are in within the OpenLCA database, but still it creates a new flow with an identical name here. So we seem to be pointing to the correct place.

The attached file is a screen shot of what the method looks like once imported.
method-CML.jpg (90.19 KiB) Viewed 2753 times
For some reason each of the flows has a "[]" after it. Also the flow property "copper content" was not something we specifed in the XML file - this was chosen by default.
I am also attaching the Ecospold file with the method we were trying to import. Note this method is incomplete - it was just an example.

Any advice on how to map to existing flows would be appreciated.

Wes Ingwersen, EPA ORD