Automate Multiple LCIA Calculation?

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Automate Multiple LCIA Calculation?

Post by ethansoloviev » 31 Aug 2016 18:15

Hi folks,

I am a bit out of my league here, but I'll ask anyway - thanks in advance for your support.

I am looking to calculate LCIAs (only 4 impact factors) for ~300 Processes in EcoInvent 3.2 in order to compare them to each other.

By reading the manual, it looks like it is possible to write a Python script that would complete this task. (Rather than working by hand to find each process, create a product system, run a calculation, extract the relevant impact factors, and organize them in a spreadsheet...)
  • 1. What's the best resource for me to learn more about how to do this?
    2. Has anyone done something similar and has an example?
Thank you!

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