Flow location

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Flow location

Post by scotty300582 » 09 Jun 2010 02:07

Hi, thank you for this project, it's very interesting...
Well, I have jut began to use openLCA. It needs absolutely of an exporter for images and tab in excel format. Anyway it works fine...
I have a question, can one delete the location of a flow? For example i have Alumina [US] and I can't delete the location for see only Alumina, in may process and LCIA methods.
Thank you again, I'm really waiting for new version of the software.

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Re: Flow location

Post by aciroth » 16 Jun 2010 15:18

Hi, thanks for your suggestions on helpful features. The new version will be sent to interested testers start of next week. June 21st 2010. About your question, you can of course change the location: open the flow and change to location as needed (see attachment below).
Best wishes, Andreas
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