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Flow needed in elcd: "unspecific manufacturing component"

Posted: 19 May 2016 11:41
by Mara
Hello openLCAcies,
I am building a model for a rather complex machine with a cradle-to-grave inventory. For the construction phase I need data for many different and sepcific components like pumps, sensors etc. I am pretty sure that I will not get all the data I need (in time) and that I will have to focus on the main components where most resources are used for. However, I heard that in GABi there is a flow called some thing like "unspecific manufacturing component" ("unspezifisches Bauteil" in German) which has some emissions etc. attached to it.
I am not using a GABi database but elcd 3.1. - is there a similar flow in the elcd database that I could use? I could not find it until now..
Thanks in advance!

Re: Flow needed in elcd: "unspecific manufacturing component

Posted: 24 May 2016 23:00
by aciroth
Hi Mara,
GaBi is very flexible with its connections, i.e. basically you can connect anything to anything but you have the responsibility that the connections are correct. ELCD is to some extent built using GaBi datasets but does not contain such a flow. You can create this on your own but you need of course find a supply chain for a generic unspecified manufacturing component. I think (didn't check now) that ecoinvent contains such a dataset, but you could even model it yourself with basic assumptions (and for use in a not-so-relevant part of your life cycle).