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Incineration of 1m3 wood (negative result)

Posted: 08 Mar 2016 10:47
by Kathrine
Hi Everybody

I am currently modeling a building product with wood being the main content. When I use the CML-characterization I get a negative result on Climate change, which puzzels me. There are several other processes, but when simplifying it it comes down to these two processes:

For "producing" the wood I use the EcoInvent dataset: "Sawnwood, lath, softwood, raw, dried (u=10%), planed - GLO (CML = -1185kgCO2eq)

At EoL the wood is incinerated using the EcoInvent dataset: "Treatment of waste wood, untreated, municipal incineration with fly ash extraction - CH" (CML = 665 kgCO2eq)

When using the CML characterization the production of wood results in a negative climate change impact. Should this negative impact not be counterbalanced by an equal positive impact in the incineration process where the carbon is released? As illustrated above the balance is here -520kgCO2eq for producing and incinerating 1m3 wood. Could someone help me out on what I am missing?

Best regards