Import and export processes using JSON format

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Re: Import and export processes using JSON format

Post by alautier » 26 Jan 2018 17:11

I had the same problem but actually found the solution (thx Hugues) !
Just click on the "desktop" icon from the browse list and the zip file will appear...

leonora wrote:
25 Apr 2016 08:35

I'm struggeling with the same problem but cannot seem to get it right even though I have read your posts on the topic:

I have tried to right click the child category containing the processes I wish to transfer into another database and select export and use the JSON-LD format. However when I do that I get a zip folder on my desktop containing both processes, flows, actors, sources etc. it seems. And when I in the other database right click and select import, I cannot locate the zip file on my desktop - it seems it cannot import a zip-file. What am I doing wrong?

A quick response would be much appreciated, since I am on a deadline with the project I am working on.

Kind Regards

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