Calculation of Ecosystems total

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Calculation of Ecosystems total

Post by Svobokopp » 20 Jul 2016 10:56

Hi there,

I wonder about the calculation of Human Health total and Ecosystems total.
Does anyone know why the addition of the relevant impact categories in case of HH fits while ED doesn't?
In detail: If I manually add the particular single results together, the result ist exactly correct for Human Health total.
If I do the same for Ecosystems total , my values are significant lower.
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Re: Calculation of Ecosystems total

Post by ethansoloviev » 05 Jan 2017 18:39

Hi SVOBOKOPP, did you ever get a reply to this? I would be interested also.

What impact method are you using?

If ReCiPe, perhaps it has to do with 'Climate Change' being somehow counted in both 'Human Health' and 'Ecosystems', as explained and shown in the ReCiPe diagram here:

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