Grouping of results in Life cycle phases and materials

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Grouping of results in Life cycle phases and materials

Post by Kathrine » 25 Apr 2016 17:12

Hi everybody,

Does anybody have some ideas or tricks on how to get grouped results, so the final results are divided into:

- Total impacts in the different lifecycle phases
- Total impact related to the specific materials/elements in the product system across life cycle phases

I know there is a grouping function in the Grouping tap in the result window, where you can group the flows in the system. But my product system is comprehensive, and using this grouping function would requiere me to identify the outputflows of each process included in the system. Further more the flows are only represented once, but some of them occur several times in the system as output flows for different processes, and I would not know the allocation factor for these flows.

What I am looking for is a grouping function like the one in the GaBi software. In GaBi you can group the individual processes directly in the model-view, allowing for an easy interpretation of the results based on life cycle phases, materials or what ever you grouped the processes according to.
Currently in OpenLCA I calculate all the individual proccesses, export them and do all result handling in Excel. When the product systems becomes more comprehensive this process of calculating all individual process becomes timedemanding as well as a source of errors.

How do you guys handle your result grouping, and do you have any suggestions for a more smooth and easier way than my current?

Best regards,


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Re: Grouping of results in Life cycle phases and materials

Post by aciroth » 25 Apr 2016 19:49

Hi Kathrine,
thank you for your post. Currently, if we need to distinguish several life cycle phases, we are creating a product system for each and compare them in a project report which works quite nicely. As you correctly mention, the grouping in the analysis is product and process based and does not distinguish where a process occurs in the system. Something like a tagging would indeed be more elegant, applied for product systems, since then all could be done in one product system. If anyone is interested in sponsoring this development, please let us know, it should not be too much effort and is quite timely as we are refactoring the model graph anyhow for version 1.5+, otherwise we'll see if we can squeeze this in other development projects.
Best wishes,

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