Negative Results for Resource Use

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Frida Hermansson
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Negative Results for Resource Use

Post by Frida Hermansson » 11 Mar 2013 14:41


I am doing an LCA of bio-composites and the environmental impacts from the choice of polymer (PP, PLA or bio-PE. For my resource use category, the impact turns out to be negative (the most negative for PP). When I make a product system, just comparing the polymers, the results are all positive. I cannot find any errors when looking at it, and neither can my supervisor. How do I solve this problem?
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Re: Negative Results for Resource Use

Post by gebbissimo1 » 12 Mar 2013 13:23

Hi Frida,

unfortunately I cannot help you with respect to your problem. However, there's an easy workaround: you can export the calculation results of your product system to excel (see screenshot attached). Then you can plot the bar chart in excel / libreOffice / ....

I believe it would just represent a little extra work, wouldn't it?

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