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resource depletion flow coverage in openLCA LCIA V1.5.5.

Posted: 19 Jul 2016 12:26
by jensfpeters
it seems that resource depletion flow coverage in the openLCA LCIA Methods V1.5.5. varies.
For example, ILCD 2011 midpoint covers around 70 elementary flows, while CML (non baseline; depletion of abiotic resources - elements, reserve base), covers a lot more. They should be identic, since ILCD is nothing else then CML ADP, reserve base.
For example, CML covers three resource elementary flows for tantalum, while ILCD only one. This gives, when assessing e.g., electronic components, fundamentally different results, since the tantalum resource flow that is used by the ecoinvent process "capacitor production, tantalum-, for through-hole mounting | capacitor, tantalum-, for through-hole mounting | cut-off, U - GLO" (just an example) is not covered by the ILCD method, but the CML.
The same happens to several other resource flows.
I did not check the other LCIA methods of the pack yet.
Any explanation for that? And how do you deal with this? Check the LCIA methods flow by flow and update them by hand?
Many thanks!