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LCIA results are 0, post SimaPro import

Posted: 25 Jun 2016 23:11
by mlathuilliere
Dear openLCA forum,

I've run into a strange situation that I'd like to share with you, hoping for some guidance on anything I'm doing wrong, or not considering. I am new to LCA software in general and so I might have overlooked something trivial.

My colleague finished a detailed soybean LCI in SimaPro v8 which I've successfully imported into openLCA 1.5.0beta1. After taking some time to identify the processes that he created among other ecoinvent processes that were imported with the SimaPro .csv, I decided to run a simple LCIA on the soybean product system. The result came to 0 for all impact categories (e.g. TRACI). I tried running a similar LCIA on one of the ecoinvent processes that were imported with my colleague's soybean process and managed to get some impact results, and so I fully suspect the soybean process which my colleague built more or less from scratch.

Is there anything that I'm missing with the designation of flows in and out of this soybean process that doesn't get captured in the LCIA? I'm thinking that perhaps the flows, initially set up in SimaPro, are not recognized in openLCA, is that at all possible? Or did I forget something trivial? What can I do to fix this without necessarily rebuilding the soybean process from scratch in openLCA?

Thank you for your guidance,

Best Regards,


Re: LCIA results are 0, post SimaPro import

Posted: 27 Jun 2016 11:24
by aciroth
Hello Mike,
most likely the flows from SimaPro do not fit to the flows in our LCIA method; you would need to apply a mapping, which can be done so far using Python e.g. in openLCA, or adapt the LCIA method to reflect the SimaPro flows.
Hope this helps, best wishes,

Re: LCIA results are 0, post SimaPro import

Posted: 27 Jun 2016 15:17
by mlathuilliere
Thank you so much Andreas, this gives me some options for the next steps.

All the best,