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Water footprint Assessment AWARE method

Posted: 10 Jun 2016 00:27
by edsacayon
Hello OpenLCA Team

As I understand ecoinvent 3.2 datasets are now balanced. From the inventory results I get some water flows represented in Kg, and others in m3.
I am attaching image of and excel sheet I used to understand LCI results from coal power generation model.
Inventory analysis in excel to transform kg units into m3
Inventory_Analysis.png (41.04 KiB) Viewed 2331 times
In excel sheet, If you convert from kg into m3 then yes all process are balance.

I am creating a new Impact assessment method based on the AWARE, water scarcity characterisation factors from the WULCA project. I have downloaded KMZ and excel layer and have the characterisation factors for annual and monthly time periods. These are expressed in m3 regional/m3 world

Question 1
Within openLCA impact assessment method section, I assume I need to convert to m3 those flows expressed in kg? right?

Question 2
I have transformed KMZ layer to shape file using Quantum GIS, however when I import into openLCA there are only three parameters with negative values. Therefore, I assume this layer is not ready to be used for openLCA. However in Google Earth pro, the layer does contain the characterisation factors on a monthly and annual time periods, for all watersheds in the globe, probably because some of the fields of kmz layer have html references to the original source. Is there a way to work on the layer to adapt it to OpenLCA and use annual and monthly regional characterisation factors?

Thanks, and best regards to all.

Edgar Eduardo