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by aciroth
31 Jul 2010 21:28
Forum: Version 1.2 test
Topic: Importing LCIA
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Re: Importing LCIA

Hi, openLCA "accepts" at present LCIA methods in EcoSpold format. For the ecoinvent database, you find many on the ecoinvent CD (the file) - see also the openlca documentation: ... Spoldfiles.
by aciroth
29 Jul 2010 23:51
Forum: Version 1.2 test
Topic: Ecoinvent Import Stalls
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Re: Ecoinvent Import Stalls

Hi, you do not need to convert the ecoinvent 2.2 files to EcoSpold02 (they are in Ecospold01 format!). If you do the import without the previous conversion, it should work.
by aciroth
29 Jul 2010 14:19
Forum: Installation
Topic: JVM terminated. Exit code = -1
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Re: JVM terminated. Exit code = -1

Hi, can you be a bit more specific please? Ie which openLCA version do you use, which operation system etc.; ideally, post the log file here (".log") you find it under /workspace/.metadata. Thanks!
by aciroth
29 Jul 2010 06:21
Forum: Features of openLCA
Topic: System of Measurement
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Re: System of Measurement

Interesting suggestion, there is no such option yet; we had not thought about it so far - would not be difficult..
by aciroth
07 Jul 2010 17:52
Forum: Version 1.2 test
Topic: Database Update Problems
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Re: Database Update Problems

Hi, this is indeed missing in the release candidate so far. It will be included in the next version. As workaround, you can update the database version with the sql script that I attach here. You will need the MySQL query browser to execute the sql script: 0 rename the attached txt file to sql (the ...
by aciroth
06 Jul 2010 10:08
Forum: Import
Topic: LCIA-import
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Re: LCIA-import

hi, good that you post the question here; the current EcoSpold import in openLCA is indeed not meant for the LCIA results (result_valuated). Reason for us to exclude them at present is that they cannot be used in calculations. During the import, you are asked to assign units of the to-be-imported da...
by aciroth
20 Jun 2010 23:45
Forum: Databases
Topic: ECDL database import
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Re: ECDL database import

Hi pierluigi, maybe this is a question for us (and i needed to edit my previous post because after some tests it was more problematic than I had described). Ecoinvent and ELCD are fundamentally different in how they deal with processes; in ELCD, a process is independent from the product and from the...
by aciroth
16 Jun 2010 15:22
Forum: Other
Topic: most up todate information
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Re: most up todate information

Thanks John. Most up to date information so far was available by emailing to us (ie me and my colleagues) - we will now work here in the forum and on the site to keep it more up to date. The latest public version is of January 2010, we have made a small change for an industrial user to this in Febru...
by aciroth
16 Jun 2010 15:18
Forum: Datasets
Topic: Flow location
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Re: Flow location

Hi, thanks for your suggestions on helpful features. The new version will be sent to interested testers start of next week. June 21st 2010. About your question, you can of course change the location: open the flow and change to location as needed (see attachment below).
Best wishes, Andreas
by aciroth
16 Jun 2010 15:05
Forum: Impact Assessment
Topic: problem with graph
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Re: problem with graph

Hi , with graph section you are referring to the the “top x” graph section? Here only the contributions to the selected LCIA method are shown; if flows from a process are not linked to an LICA method then you will not see these processes. So my guess is that the copied/adapted EI99 method is not cor...