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by Leila
12 Nov 2017 16:56
Forum: Databases
Topic: Agribalyse and Ecoinvent 3.3 compatibility
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Re: Agribalyse and Ecoinvent 3.3 compatibility

Hi all! Yes, it would be very useful because I would like to do a carbon footprint analyses for a dairy product. I use agribalyse and ecoinvent 3.2 together, i put imput flows for example "electricity, medium voltage.." and "hydrogen peroxide 50%.." from the databases into my process, and choose a p...
by Leila
01 Nov 2017 22:03
Forum: openLCA 1.4
Topic: Missing items in Flows
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Re: Missing items in Flows

Hello everyone!

I just found this topic now, and I have the same problem as Laura. I would like to take the heat, water and chemical parameters into the input part, but I don't now how to create them on my own. Maybe with the global parameters?
I would really appreciate the help.
Thank you!