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by aurelien
22 Apr 2015 15:43
Forum: openLCA 1.4
Topic: Characterization in OpenLCA
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Re: Characterization in OpenLCA

Dear Pascal, I think I understood your point, but in order to be sure of that, I would like to see the excel file you are talking about. I didn't succeed in sending you a private message... could you please sent it to drectly to me? Sorry for the disturbance and many thanks for your help. Best regar...
by aurelien
26 Mar 2015 18:01
Forum: Other
Topic: incomplete Impact 2002+ (midpoint) methodology
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Re: incomplete Impact 2002+ (midpoint) methodology

Dear Pascal, The only formats that are accepted by OPEN LCA to import a LCIA method are Ecospold format and ILCD format. Do you know where a version of Impact 2002+ (with all midpoints and endpoints in non-uniformized units) in one of these 2 formats could be available? Any help from your side would...