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by crodriguez
08 Feb 2017 13:18
Forum: openLCA 1.5
Topic: ReCiPe Method Version from ecoinvent v.3.3 LCIA methods
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Re: ReCiPe Method Version from ecoinvent v.3.3 LCIA methods

Hi, I am afraid that framomo4's information was not correct. The version of ReCiPe implemented by ecoinvent is from 2010, according to their report: (in newer reports of the LCIA implementation from ecoinvent, ...
by crodriguez
10 Nov 2016 14:03
Forum: Modelling
Topic: provider
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Re: provider

Hi Marah, Following Andreas comment, you should notice that there are five product flows in BioEnergieDat which do not have a provider even if the ecoinvent v.2.2 database is combined with it. These are: - Strom, Heizkraftwerk (Dampfturbine), für Gutschrift/Substitution - Industrierestholz, Sägemehl...
by crodriguez
09 Aug 2016 20:01
Forum: Other
Topic: Regionalized LCIA in 1.5.0 beta
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Re: Regionalized LCIA in 1.5.0 beta

Hello Matthias, Regarding your first question, the function "Evaluate per existing locations" calculates the intersections of the locations in the database with the shapes in the shapefile, not the final characterisation factor for each elementary flow and impact category in the LCIA method. The cal...
by crodriguez
09 Aug 2016 19:43
Forum: Data and Data Exchange
Topic: Database Structure Documentation?
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Re: Database Structure Documentation?

Hello Ben, The openLCA schema of both Derby and MySQL databases can be checked on Github ( You can check there the content of each of the tables included in the database. Moreover,...
by crodriguez
11 Jan 2016 16:25
Forum: openLCA 1.4
Topic: Beer bottle database for 1.4.1 not working
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Re: Beer bottle database for 1.4.1 not working

Hello Abir, That step refers to the creation of a new flow within the already existing category [folder] “Case study – beer bottle”. For that, right click on the category [folder] named “Case study – beer bottle” within the category "Flows". This is of course only to have better organized the databa...
by crodriguez
12 Mar 2014 17:13
Forum: Databases
Topic: Impact assessment GaBi
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Re: Impact assessment GaBi

Hi Elorri, The ecoinvent LCIA methods package contains mainly ecoinvent elementary flows, so GaBi specific flows are not included. openLCA LCIA methods package intends to keep, as accurately as possible, the original data from the methodologies considered. Therefore, if these flows are not included ...
by crodriguez
12 Dec 2013 12:25
Forum: Databases
Topic: Using Ecoinvent in OpenLCA (for the beer bottle case)
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Re: Using Ecoinvent in OpenLCA (for the beer bottle case)

The problem using ELCD data and the ecoinvent method “cumulative energy demand” is that the characterization factors in the method refer to different flows that those in the inventory (e.g. "brown coal; 11.9MJ/kg" and "Coal, brown, in ground”). Thus, the result is 0. If another method is selected, e...