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by pierreC
09 Dec 2013 12:44
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Topic: Ready for Ecoinvent 3.01?
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Re: Ready for Ecoinvent 3.01?

Hello, I am also very interesting in tetsing the new version of OpenLCA 1.4. I am familiar with Simapro and OpenLCA, and with the computationnal structure of LCA, especially the matrix formulation. I hope that an additional tester is still possible, and I look forward to use Ecoinvent V3 on OpenLCA ...
by pierreC
03 Jul 2013 11:56
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Topic: Connecting openlca to other software
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Connecting openlca to other software

Dear openlca users,

I would like to know if it possible to connect openlca with other software, such as aspen for example.
Is the development of a COM interface, like in Simparo Developer, also possible ?

Thank you for your answer

Best regards

by pierreC
03 Jun 2013 16:50
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Topic: Failed to get database descriptors
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Re: Failed to get database descriptors

Dear all, I have exactly the same problem than Torkan. I have tried to temporarily uninstall the firewall, but the problem remains the same. Thank you for your answer. Here is the beginning of the error log: 66601 main ERROR org.openlca.core.database.DescriptorFetch Failed to get database descriptor...